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Being a lawyer means standing by your client’s side. Not in front so that the client cannot be seen. Not behind so the client takes the hit. Beside. Together.
Do you need a lawyer by your side? Do not hesitate. Contact Us.

Our Services

We specialize in family law and criminal cases and will help you all the way, together.

Criminal case

Are you suspected of a crime and need a defense attorney? Have you been the victim of a crime and are looking for a plaintiff’s attorney? Contact us directly or tell the police that you want lawyer Jakob Lindgren to be your lawyer.

You who are suspected of crime often have the right to a public defender. Request to have a lawyer as early as possible and tell them which lawyer you want. We help you through the entire process. Explains the suspicion and prepares you for police questioning. Attend all police interviews.

If charges are brought, we prepare the trial thoroughly.

Together we build a strong defense! 

Care accommodation and socializing

If you and your child’s other parent cannot agree on what is best for your child, the district court can decide on what is in the child’s best interest.

As your advocate, we will listen to you and your child’s needs. We explain how the court process works and how the court usually reasons about children

It is important to choose the right lawyer. A lawyer you trust and can work with. That’s why we offer free advice on custody, accommodation and socializing through a personal meeting. You form your own opinion about us. Without the meeting costing anything.

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Law. B.Sc. at Uppsala University in 2007, member of the Swedish Bar Association in 2012. Specialized in criminal cases. Taught criminal law at Mittuniversitetet and paralegal training. Speaks Swedish, English, Portuguese and Spanish. Mobile: 070-241 13 13, e-mail:

Law. B.Sc. at Uppsala University in 2021, employed at the law firm the same year. Specialized in plaintiff’s counsel assignments as well as custody, accommodation and access. Speaks Swedish and English. Mobile: 070-650 00 69, e-mail:


Lawyer and owner


Assistant lawyer

About our law firm

The law firm Jakob Lindgren specializes in criminal cases and custody disputes.
In addition to law, we focus on rhetoric and pedagogy. Rhetoric to convince the court of your right. Pedagogy for you as a client to understand and feel involved. Our special way of working together with you as a client produces results.
Lawyer Jakob Lindgren graduated in law at Uppsala University in 2007. He served as a notary at a court, started working at a law firm in 2009 and became a lawyer in 2012. Jakob Lindgren has also taught family law and criminal law at university and paralegal training.
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